Legacy Circle Program

Create a Lasting Legacy in Our Community Now and for Years to Come

Ways to Give:

An Outright Gift Right Now:
You can make a gift of cash or securities to the Allentown Rescue Mission Endowment Fund at any time

Simple Will:
The most popular form of planned giving is to simply include in your will that the Allentown Rescue Mission, will receive a percentage or dollar amount of your estate. This enables you to reduce estate taxes while supporting the community. 

Charitable Gift Annuity:
A donor transfers cash or securities to the Allentown Rescue Mission Endowment Fund and obtains a tax deduction. The donor is paid a specified amount during his/her lifetime. The remaining principal goes to the Allentown Rescue Mission. 

A donor names the Allentown Rescue Mission as a beneficiary of an existing policy or donates a fully paid policy.

Beneficiary Designations:
A donor adds the Allentown Rescue Mission as a beneficiary of an IRA, pension, or other account.

Charitable Remainder, Lead Trust or Gift of Real Estate:
There are other options you can discuss with us, or your own advisors. For more information
about planned giving, please contact our Development team. 

Tax Information
If you choose to contribute to the The Allentown Rescue Mission Legacy Circle in one or more of the above-described ways, your bequest, beneficiary designation on life insurance policies, retirement plans or trusts should be in the name of “The Allentown Rescue Mission headquartered at 355 W. Hamilton Street, Allentown, PA 18101 to be allocated to its Legacy Circle Fund.”

The information presented in this brochure is not offered as legal or tax advice. You are urged to seek the advice of your tax advisor, attorney, and/or financial planner to make certain any gift you are considering fits well in your specific circumstances.

The Allentown Rescue Mission is a non-profit corporation, IRS 501(c)(3), registered with the PA Bureau of Charitable Organizations.


Download the PDF version, complete and return to the address below: (online form coming soon)

The Allentown Rescue Mission
Attn: Hal Warner / Legacy Circle Program
355 W. Hamilton Street, Allentown, PA. 18101