Matching Gifts

Did you know you can DOUBLE your gift to the Allentown Rescue Mission at no cost to you? It’s true! Hundreds of corporations have matching programs and will match their employees’ donations to their favorite nonprofit and double their contributions. So, if your employer is willing to support your philanthropic endeavors, why not let them?

We work with hundreds of organizations, check here to see if your employer is one of them!

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Setting up a matching gift is easy! Simply,

  1. Donate to the Allentown Rescue Mission
  2. Ask your HR department about a matching gifts program, or enter your company’s name on the search bar above.
  3. Go to your employer’s matching gifts form and fill out the required information.
  4. We will verify your donation with your employer.
  5. Receive confirmation of the matching gift.

Have you already given? No problem! Most companies will honor donations given within the calendar year.

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