Allentown Rescue Mission’s September Billboards

Giving back to their community in any way they can

(Allentown, PA)– The Allentown Rescue Mission’s “I AM” billboard campaign tells the stories of their graduates, partners, volunteers, and the Clean Team. Each of the billboards tells the story of someone who has been impacted by the Allentown Rescue Mission.

                “I AM” is a slogan used by the Allentown Rescue Mission to demonstrate that everyone is a part of the Allentown Rescue Mission. The featured people on the billboards say, “I AM the Allentown Rescue Mission.”

                John was sleeping under the Hamilton Street bridge within 100 feet of the Allentown Rescue Mission.  A staff member from the Gateway Emergency Shelter, approached him and asked John if he would like to come inside.  He agreed to the offer, stayed in Gateway Emergency Shelter for a short time, and then joined the Transformation Program of the Allentown Rescue Mission.  He grew accustomed to the program and embraced the help offered by the Allentown Rescue Mission. John is now cleaning our city’s streets, and he is enjoying it.  He likes having something to do.  He likes making a contribution.

                Brown & Brown of Lehigh Valley support local non-profits through fundraising, participating in community facility renovations, as well as wrapping and delivering holiday gifts.  “The Allentown Rescue Mission’s goal of ending homelessness resonates throughout our organization, and we firmly believe that it takes a village.”  Over the past several years, many teammates have volunteered their time and service to the Allentown Rescue Mission’s fundraisers, spaghetti dinners, annual galas, and food drives.  When the opportunity presented itself with funds available for donating, it was only natural to include the Allentown Rescue Mission.  Brown & Brown of Lehigh Valley will continue to partner, donate, and participate in helping the Allentown Rescue Mission achieve their goals.

                Jeff is a graduate of the Allentown Rescue Mission’s Transformation Program.  He struggled with addiction for several years before coming to the Mission for help.  According to his daughters, “We will always be grateful to the Allentown Rescue Mission. They continue to turn lives around like they did for our Dad.”  Jeff is now physically and spiritually fit.  He has been sober for several years and has rebuilt his relationship with his family.

                David arrived at the Allentown Rescue Mission in August, 2006 as a young, homeless man. He soon found a home, and hope, because of people willing to be honest and compassionate. He entered the Allentown Rescue Mission’s Transformation program, and for the first time accepted Jesus Christ. He accepted responsibility for his destructive decisions, he accepted the possibility of change through the life-giving power of Christ. David now shows the same faith and love that was given to him. He teaches, counsels, mentors, and life-coaches the men in our Transformation Program.

While driving around Allentown and Emmaus, you will be able to put a face to these people and their stories. The Allentown Rescue Mission billboards are located at:

  • Both sides of the billboard post on Tilghman St. by Werley Rd. Allentown, PA
  • Hamilton St. by Elmo St. Allentown, PA
  • Hamilton St. by Front St. Allentown, PA
  • 15th St. by Sumner Ave. Allentown, PA
  • 15th St. by Elm St. Allentown, PA
  • Both sides of the billboard post on Buckeye Rd. by Tank Farm Rd. Emmaus, PA
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Drive by 15th St. Allentown, PA
  • S. 3rd St. by Union St. Allentown, PA

                To read more about these stories and see how our partners, volunteers, and donors are helping rescue, rehabilitate, and restore homeless men, visit