Friday marked the graduation of five great guys

Friday marked the graduation of five great guys: Wayne, Sean, Ted, Brian, and Timothy.  Making this story even better is the fact that all five are now working on the Clean Team.  Most of our graduates work on the Clean Team, but some decide to leave as soon as they graduate.  There is an unfortunate correlation between not working on Clean Team, and coming back to the Mission to repeat the program.  Nonetheless, we cannot force our graduates to stay, but more importantly, if a graduate returns we welcome him with open arms and God’s love.

                Brian has been through the Transformation Program more than once, and this time he has decided to work on Clean Team.  We’re so glad he has decided to stay.  Wayne, Sean, Ted, and Timothy all have work experience, but they know that given their experiences with homeless, and in some cases addiction, their best bet is to stay with us, work on the Clean Team, save money, gain some employment experience, and gradually make their way into the work force, and only when they are ready.

                That is our approach in the Transformation Program.  We want the men to heal and to enter the workforce, but that cannot be forced.  Every man who comes through our doors is different, and they come from different circumstances.  Some need more help than others.  We work individually to ensure best outcomes, and we are very hopeful for the five men who graduated on Friday.  Welcome to Clean Team and congratulations new graduates!

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