Christian Living Program

Ending Homelessness One Person at a Time

The Christian Living Program is a Christ-centered, residential program for the restoration of homeless men to God and the community. CLP offers the Good News about Jesus Christ and spiritual growth opportunities, transitional housing, meals, clothing, Life Skills Education, and referrals to other service providers.

The 16-week program includes full days of classes and group sessions in Life Skills Education. Students attend morning devotions, evening chapel and daily Bible study groups. Clients develop healthy coping skills and receive training for anger management, conflict resolution, communication skills and healing for damaged emotions. They receive assistance with resume writing, basic computer skills, interview techniques, and tools that will help them find and keep a job.

Students also participate in money-management and budgeting classes to prepare them for a responsible, debt-free life. They will open their own custodial bank accounts with the Mission, supervised by their counselors. Clients receive basic information about drug and alcohol issues, how to stop smoking, and receive suitable resources for their needs. 

Each program participant has an assigned staff member to assist and coach him in accessing help from outside service providers as needed. Clients with medical concerns may receive services on-site through the DeSales University Free Clinic.

Clients must become involved with a church of their choice for spiritual growth, accountability and support, and must attend worship services weekly. Clients are encouraged to develop healthy, Christian relationships with others in the community.

Clients are encouraged to reestablish communication with family members to rebuild relationships, if appropriate.   

Admission Procedure: The Christian Living Program requires a commitment to change. All of the men enrolled have been screened through our Gateway Emergency Shelter.

For more information, please call contact our Program Director, Rob at 610-740-5500 ext. 324 or email at: