Ending Homelessness One Person at a Time

The Christian Living Program is a residential, Christ-centered, life skills program that enables the restoration of homeless men to God and the community. CLP offers the Good News of Jesus Christ, spiritual growth opportunities, transitional housing, meals, clothing, Life Skills Education, and referrals to other service providers.

The first 8 weeks of CLP are called the “foundation phase.” During this phase men are in the class room learning about Jesus Christ through bible studies, bible reading, bible based curriculums, and chapel services, provided 6 days a week by outside churches. The participants also learn basic computer skills, resume writing, how to be a good employee through our workforce development classes, case management that address the participant’s needs, one on one life coaching, and recreation.

After the participants complete the 8 week “foundation phase,” the participant graduates to the “application phase.” In this phase the participants apply what they have learned in the foundation phase. During this phase the participants are working either for our “Clean Team,” or outside employment. The participants are connecting with a local church, are continuing with their biblical studies, and engaging in financial classes.

The last phase of CLP is the “transition phase.” It is during this phase the participant is transitioning out of the Mission. In this phase the participant is working full time, saving money, while looking for permanent housing. Participants must become involved with a church of their choice for spiritual growth, accountability and support, and must attend worship services weekly. Participants are encouraged to develop healthy, Christian relationships with others in the community. Participants are encouraged to reestablish communication with family members to rebuild relationships, if appropriate.   

Admission Procedure: The Christian Living Program requires a commitment to change. All of the men enrolled have been screened through our Gateway Emergency Shelter.

For more information, please call contact our Program Director, Rob at 610-740-5500 ext. 324 or email at: