Manny grew up with a debilitating fear of life

Manny grew up with a debilitating fear of life and turned to
heroin to numb his pain. But, 11 years ago, God called him to be a
“fisher of men,” delivering him from his addiction. Manny’s been
sharing the Lord ever since. Tragedy struck last year when Manny
was diagnosed with chronic heart disease. “I lost my job. I was
hurting and confused. I had nowhere to go and I needed help.”
He found it at the Allentown Rescue Mission!
Through our Christian Living Program classes and
chapels, Manny has grown stronger in the Lord. “They poured
into me spiritually and helped me get my bearings so I could
go back out there.” Manny, who is now on disability, will be
moving in with relatives and continuing to serve the Lord. “I
just want to sow healing into men’s lives.” With your support, men like Manny have found hope and
begun new lives. THANK YOU!