Transformation PROGRAM

Ending Homelessness One Man at a Time

Our Transformation Program is a residential rehabilitation program created to free men from the control of drugs, alcohol, and other destructive behaviors by establishing an active relationship with God.

The Transformation Program can accommodate up to a 100 adult (18 years or older) men a year, who engage in systematic Bible study, biblical counseling, case management, and regular drug screening. Additional curriculums includes: Job readiness and computer skills, financial guidance, and anger management. After completing the Transformation Program, our graduates enter a Transition Period where they work for our Clean Team, continue with their biblical studies, and connect with a local church.

Our men are mentored through a gradual transition back into the community to aid in the restoration of family relationships, and to build strong a relationship with a mentor church to help prevent relapse and ensure the graduate’s continued growth and accountability.

Admission Procedure: The Transformation Program requires a commitment for change. All of the men enrolled have been screened through our Emergency Shelter.

For more information, please call or contact our Program Director, Rob Romig at 610-740-5500 ext. 324 or email at: