September 2019 Newsletter


Sponsor a Matching Radio Hour for the Spaghetti Dinner!

If you can’t volunteer this year then click on Donate a Meatball to donate to the event or be a matching hour sponsor for the radio during the WAEB Radiothon.

Calling all Volunteers!!!!

You make this event happen! The 17th Annual WAEB Spaghetti Dinner 2019 is scheduled for October 12th – SignUp to reserve your spot!

Last year, 223 generous community volunteers, along with our long-time partners Bobby Gunther Walsh & WAEB-AM 790, helped raise over $120,000! You are essential to help the Mission get a homeless man back into the community, retain a job, and be reunited with his family.

Join us for fun, food and meatballs today!


Being Hungry is an everyday Event

Somedays to call attention to this problem are…

The Allentown Rescue Mission works every day to provide meals, shelter, and other services to our local homeless population.  As we approach autumn and the holidays there are several other important dates that are approaching as well:

1)      September is Hunger Action Month, a great time to donate to the Allentown Rescue Mission as the cold weather seasons approach

2)      October 10 is World Homeless Day, a day that reminds us that there are millions of less fortunate than ourselves, and that more importantly, we can make an impact by helping to provide for our local population that needs our help

3)      November 14-22 is National Hunger & Homeless Awareness Week, a great time to remember that as Thanksgiving approaches, we can show our thanks for our good fortune by providing for those with less

Please join the thousands of donors in the Lehigh Valley by donating to the Allentown Rescue Mission.  You can also donate your time through our Make & Serve Program or make purchases for the Mission via our AmazonSmile account.


If i don't who will?

I was born in Allentown in 1978.  After graduating from high school I moved to Pittsburgh to attend college.  Fast forward to 2014.  After two decades living in Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, and Portland, OR, my wife mentioned that she was offered her dream job, and that it was in Allentown, PA.

                I had no idea the Allentown Rescue Mission existed, let alone since 1900.  As a physician my wife was made aware of the Mission and the good work they do.  We decided that we would become monthly donors.  About one year later I decided that I would volunteer some of my free time at the Mission.

                My one-year anniversary as a volunteer is just a few months away.  I help the men at the Mission construct resumes as well as aid them in their endeavors to find employment.  I help the various departments with jobs for which I have some expertise, or for which there just aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish.

                It seems like every week I volunteer a few more hours.  I am now here 3 days per week, and I am constantly amazed by the work the Mission does.  Even more amazing are the volunteers and donors, without whose support there would not be a Mission.  Donations come in many forms, including money, food, clothing, and time.

                I hope you will join me as both a donor and a volunteer.  There are so many ways to help, and nothing that you can do is insignificant.  You can contact Rosaria at (610) 740-5500, ext. 348.  You’ll be amazed by the ways you can help the Mission.

                If you won’t help the Mission, who will?


Epworth United Methodist Church picks Allentown Rescue Mission for “Missions Week”!

Epworth United Methodist Church picks Allentown Rescue Mission for “Missions Week”!

“Church group puts in good ol’ fashioned elbow grease to support the homeless”

(ALLENTOWN, PA) –  Some churches take to the Mission field internationally, traveling to far off countries to perform humanitarian activities; but some churches decide to stay local to support the community they reside in. Epworth United Methodist located in Bethlehem is a church who decided to stay local to give back.

Last month, over 4 days, a team of 20 individual volunteers donated 260 labor hours and supplies to support work they conducted at the Allentown Rescue Mission. The Rescue Mission, located at 355 Hamilton Street in Allentown is a local non-profit that helps homeless men on their feet and back into society through various internal programs (including the Clean Team – of which offers transitional employment above state minimum wage for graduates) and partnerships with community agencies.

“The Mission has a total of 123 beds in our residential facility and in 2018 alone the Mission provided food, shelter, and services to over 750 men... As expected, high traffic means more frequent wear and tear on the facility” said Dean Browning, Managing Director. Which is why Epworths willingness to give back was a wonderful blessing.

The group stained and replaced broken/missing wood on a gazebo near the Emergency Shelter, installed cove molding in our lower level, repaired an area of wooden floor, and demo’d drywall and plaster inside the Mission’s Desales Clinic and Classroom – to expose a brick wall. The purpose? To make the facility nicer for the guests who rely on the Mission’s services.

Epworth3 (1).JPG

Help Us Fill Our Calendar Serve the Homeless at the Allentown Rescue Mission


                The Allentown Rescue Mission has been supporting our area’s homeless since 1900.  We don’t know how many meals we have served in the 12 decades we have been open, but here are some facts about what we do every day:

1)      We serve 150 people every day

2)      1 meal costs the Mission $2.37

The Mission serves meals every day, and because of the generous support of our donors we will never stop.  However, as a donor you have other options than just monetary donations for providing food.  You can provide meals directly to the homeless through our Make & Serve program.  Here is how it works:


1)      You provide a hot meal to serve the residents of the Allentown Rescue Mission


Here are a few facts:


1)      Since January 1, 2019 donors have made and served 85 meals at the Allentown Rescue Mission

2)      There are many September dates available for September Make & Serve meals: (9/02 through 9/07; 9/9 & 9/10; 9/12 through 9/20; 9/22 through 9/30)


If you are interested in our Make & Serve program, please contact Terry Miklas at

Travis, Samuel and Anthony Graduated our 8 Week program last week

Travis, Samuel and Anthony sat munching on sliders for dinner after being honored for completing the Christian Living Program Aug. 16 at the Allentown Rescue Mission. And it was a good feeling. Sliders and their fixings are great, but completing the program and being ready to move forward with their lives was the source of that good – perhaps great – feeling.

            Travis, 31, is from Allentown. After a stint he jail, he lived with a friend, his friend’s wife and kids. When the couple split, Travis lost his place to stay and, since his friend was his ride to work, lost his job. “When I came here, I didn’t know about the Christian Living Program, and I wasn’t sure about it,” Travis said. But the program changed him. “It opened my eyes. I was never really religious and didn’t know much about the Bible. But if I follow his word and focus on God’s plan I can go places.” Now, Travis has a goal of going to trucking school after saving money for school by working on The Clean Team. “There were times I didn’t think I’d make it. It gets scary sometimes.”

                        Anthony, 54, is originally from Bethlehem and was at the mission 25 years ago, though the program was different then. After a year in jail and with nowhere to go, he came to the mission and gave it a shot. “When I was incarcerated I lost my mom, who spent 40 years trying to get me straight. I did it for her. I knew if I were to go back to my old ways I’d be drinking and drugging myself to death,” Anthony said. He also had a “rough marriage” along the way. “This place keeps my mind in a different place. The Good Book helps me most definitely,” said Anthony, who will work for a screen printing company.

            All three men especially appreciate the help of Pastor Rob Romig, program director; and Curt Ritter, client care coordinator. “They kept me in line,” Travis added.


Allentown Rotary Donates Food to Homeless Men after Big Event at the Rotary Fountain

A partnership is formed in downtown Allentown

where people unite and take action to create lasting change

On August 15th the Rotary Club of Allentown, Pennsylvania had a celebration Mixer at the Rotary Fountain on 7th Street in front of the County Courthouse....the Dream Come True for Rotarian, the late Warren Armstrong. They decided to enjoy a summer night as a club. Members stopped by for some time to see the bricks donated with dedications on them. Several years ago, members purchased bricks to fund the Fountain as a gift to the city. Thank you, Wendy Body and Lou Bottitta, for your work in creating a lovely night for all including a huge buffet of food! 

The food included pizzas, veggie and dip trays, cheese trays, and Mediterranean trays.  Recently the Development Manager of the Allentown Rescue Mission, Rosaria Stoops, joined the Rotary.  Due to Rosaria's involvement with the Rotary and the Rotary's firm belief in service to the local Allentown Community, they decided to donate all the food left over!  It was a huge donation for the mission.

The Allentown Rescue Mission was able to put the food out for lunch the next day.  It was a big treat for the men of the mission.  They were happy to get something new for lunch and enjoyed the change up!  Thanks to donors like the Allentown Rotary the Allentown Rescue Mission can keep food costs down.  Every meal only costs $2.37 per person per meal!  On a yearly basics the Mission serves 55,191 meals.  It also provides over 30,380 nights of shelter and has about 900 men come through the doors.

July 2019 Newsletter


Our New Billboards Are Up

As you are traveling around the Lehigh Valley be sure to keep your eyes out for our new billboards. We are proud to see the men of The Mission sharing their stories. Here are the locations to try and spot:

  • Tilghman St, East of Werley Rd

  • Hamilton St, East of St Elmo St

  • Buckeye Rd, West of Tank Farm Rd

  • Lehigh St, West of Vultee St

  • S 3rd (basin St), South of Union St

  • SR 378, South of Black River Rd WS

  • SR 512, North of Steuben Rd

We can't wait to hear what you think of our new billboards.

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Allentown Rescue Mission's New Billboards


Your kindness will rewrite the chapter

Dear Friends,

In your travels around the Lehigh Valley you may notice our new billboards.  They highlight three important facts:

  1. Many homeless have no family and nobody to whom they can turn for help;

  2. The homeless are people like you and me;

  3. You can have a positive impact on the life of a homeless person

If you see our new billboards please take a moment to consider the message: The Allentown Rescue Mission works every day to increase the well-being of the least fortunate among us, and it is only through your kindness that we can do this.