Working Together to Keep Allentown Beautiful

According to the most recent Keep America Beautiful National Litter Study, 90% of

U.S. residents agree that litter is a problem in their state.  Cleanliness affects the overall perception and feeling towards a city.  It also promotes better mental and physical health for the community. Allentown officials recognize the benefits of a clean city and have worked hard to lower the amount of litter in the streets.  For this and other reasons, Allentown is recognized on national lists of the safest and best retirement cities in America.

The City of Allentown has employed the Allentown Rescue Mission’s Clean Team Workforce to keep downtown Allentown litter-free for the past 12 years. Over the past three years, the Clean Team Workforce has handpicked and bagged 375,180 lbs., or 28,032 bags, of trash. Fifty-seven percent of the litter collected was recycled.

Ann Saurman, Manager of the Bureau of Recycling and Solid Waste for the City of Allentown, stated, “The Clean Team Workforce is an integral part of making Allentown a cleaner and safer community! It is also great to see what was recycled over the last three years. The city was able to save money on avoided trash disposal while increasing recycling.”

Allentown residents have also noticed the litter removal effort. Clean Team Workforce employees and managers are routinely thanked fort heir work while removing trash from the streets. MaryAnn, a local homeowner, declared, “I get so excited to see the men in blue on my street. We really need them.”