Volunteer Spotlight- New Rebirth Church

“You have to have a spirit for serving and helping”

New Rebirth Church has been volunteering and providing meals to men at the Allentown Rescue Mission. The group is led by Juan Sanchez who says that he likes to volunteer because he sees that the men are happy and he knows that he is making a difference.

            New Rebirth Church began serving meals and preaching the gospel to the men at the Allentown Rescue Mission three years ago. When this group decided to part ways, the Pastor of New Rebirth decided to put Juan in charge of a new volunteer group as he was willing to continue to volunteer.

            Juan and his group serve meals to the men every other week and say that the best feeling they have is the blessing of getting to serve.

            “You can tell that these men are cared for,” says Sanchez. “By serving meals we are able to change lives and are able to show these men that someone cares.”

            The New Rebirth volunteer group says that the heart that is put into the programs that the Allentown Rescue Mission provides is truly changing Lives.

            “The Allentown Rescue Mission makes it a point to keep in touch with their men,” says Sanchez. “The caring does not stop when the men leave the program.”

            New Rebirth Church wants to continue to volunteer and they have a word of advice for others who wish to help: “You have to have a spirit for helping. When you come into the Allentown Rescue Mission you must be prepared to deal with different types of people and hear their stories and how they got into their situations, but it is worth it.”

            The Allentown Rescue Mission thanks Juan and New Rebirth Church for their continuous help and support.  We appreciate them, and all they do to give back.

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