Transformation Program Graduates – Eduardo, Cliff, & James

In the Transformation Program at the Allentown Rescue Mission, we support homeless men who are looking to change the trajectory of their lives and teach them the gospel of Jesus Christ in our words and loving actions. We seek to steer men toward hopeful, Christ-centered thinking and living. As part of our desire to champion these men whom Jesus and we dearly love, we promote growth and recognize the growth and maturation that occurred in the eight-week Transformation Program by holding a graduation ceremony, presenting them with a certificate of completion, and allowing the graduates to testify to God’s work in their lives and speak to their time in the program.

Recently, we held two graduation ceremonies. During the graduation that took place in early August, we recognized Eduardo R. and Cliff M. Throughout their time in the program, both Eduardo and Cliff showed tremendous promise and growth. They both took the lessons offered in our Bible and Life Skills Classes to heart and changed their lives in accordance with the truths offered. Moving forward, Eduardo would like to enroll in a local college to major in business, while Cliff, who enjoys expressing himself artistically, dreams of learning ornamental ironworking.

At the second graduation ceremony, James F. shared that he has had a long history of battling drug additions but is now ready to follow Jesus and learn from God’s Word as he studies it. James is eager to begin working and spend time with his brothers here in the Mission. He also noted that he has never been outside of Pennsylvania and would love to go to the beach for the first time. Though drugs were James’ former place to “go”, he is now looking to follow Jesus and experience a whole new life.