Transformation Program Graduate – Tim J.

Tim J. had a job and was living independently when bursitis started affecting his daily life. The condition became so painful that Tim had to quit his job. Once out of work, boredom set in and he began drinking and using drugs to pass the time. This lifestyle caused him to run through his savings very quickly and ultimately, he lost his home. Tim then went to an addiction rehabilitation center and eventually made it to the Allentown Rescue Mission.

At the Mission, Tim joined the Transformation Program for help with his spiritual life and money management. He was highly engaged in the classes. He took notes and asked questions to gain a better understanding of what was being taught. He also found a church that he enjoys attending.

In the future, Tim would like to find a part-time job to supplement his retirement income and work towards resolving familial rifts that developed years ago. He is hoping to live a quiet, happy life with “God at the center of it all.”