Transformation Program Graduate – Robert F.

Robert F. was living in a hotel trying to find a job after he was released from prison.  However, he was unable to secure a job before his money ran out and needed a place to stay.  With nowhere else to go, he turned to the Allentown Rescue Mission for help.

After 30 days in the Emergency Shelter, Rob still had not found a job, so he decided to join the Transformation Program even though he didn’t necessarily agree with everything taught in the program.  He has different beliefs and theories about the Bible but was open to listening.  In the end, he still had mixed feelings about the Bible portion of the class, but is thankful for the staff and opportunities at the Mission.

Robert is now working for the Clean Team Workforce and planning for his future.  He would like to stabilize his mental health and become more involved in his children’s lives.  Eventually, he would like to move south where he can relax and do some saltwater fishing.