Transformation Program Graduate – Richard J

After his grandmother passed away, Richard moved around living with different family members and friends. Eventually, he couldn’t afford rent and needed a place to stay. That is when he found the Allentown Rescue Mission.

He enrolled in the Transformation Program seeking to reconnect with God. Richard wanted to “put God first” and “do better in life.” While in the program, Richard shared with us his dream of owning a Haitian restaurant or food truck. He loved to cook Haitian food and hoped to make it his profession one day.

Richard graduated from the Transformation Program in October 2023 and moved back to Maryland to be with family two weeks later. Recently, Richard reached out to tell us that he and his family opened a Haitian restaurant, Francois Caribbean Cuisine, and eventually, he would like to serve the homeless community food from the restaurant one day a week.

We are joyfully celebrating Richard’s reunion with his family and his determination to make his dreams a reality!