Transformation Program Graduate – Piyush P.

Piyush P. was evicted from his apartment. He had trouble getting along with his roommate. He knew about the Allentown Rescue Mission and the help it provided, so Piyush decided to stay in the Emergency Shelter while he was working in the area. He hoped that the job he had would turn into full-time work, but it didn’t. So, he decided to join the Transformation Program to give himself more time to find full-time work and learn skills that could help him maintain employment.

While in the Transformation Program, Piyush enjoyed learning more about himself in the anger management course and hopes to apply the principles taught in the class to future situations. He also stated that the Bible classes had a “big impact” on him.

Piyush is in the process of working for the Clean Team Workforce and saving money for his future. He would like to work in a warehouse but is open to anything that provides stability for his future. Ultimately, he would like to reconcile with his family. Differences have kept them apart for many years.