Transformation Program Graduate – Joseph C.

Meet Transformation Program graduate Glenn E. Glenn grew up on a farm in Bethlehem Township. He recalls a simple upbringing, attending church with his family and helping his dad work around the farm. Glenn went on to serve four years in the Marines and to have a son from a previous marriage, with whom he keeps in regular contact.

Unfortunately, Glenn found himself homeless after suffering a heart attack which kept him from working and being able to pay his rent. Left with nowhere to go, a family friend recommended that Glenn come to the Allentown Rescue Mission.

While in the Transformation Program, Glenn demonstrated a polite demeanor and a sincere desire to help however he could. Glenn was eager to give back and to be a good example to his peers. Glenn recently finished a project reorganizing the library and worked consistently in the kitchen serving meals and cleaning dishes.

Glenn credits the Anger Management class in the Transformation Program for impacting his life. “The last few weeks, something has really clicked and showed me what I need to work on to deal with anger in my life,” he says. Glenn also admits that he has been “too busy for God,” and he realizes that he needs to slow down and start taking his relationship with God more seriously. “I’ve been trying to maneuver myself back to God.”

Now that Glenn has graduated from the Transformation Program, he will start working at a local company through the Clean Team Workforce. Glenn is looking forward to continuing his journey back to independence and back to a relationship with God.