Transformation Program Graduate – Jon D.

Jon D. was living in a tent in the woods when he suffered a major heart attack.  After being treated at the hospital, he was issued a defibrillator vest to monitor his heart which is currently functioning at only 30 percent.  According to Jon, when the hospital was looking for a place for him to stay, the only shelter willing to accommodate his defibrillator was the Allentown Rescue Mission. 

While in the Emergency Shelter, Jon had time to assess his situation and stated that he had “ruined his life up to this point.”  He felt that he could benefit from the life skills and Bible teachings in the Transformation Program.  The program challenged Jon and taught him a lot about himself and Jesus and His teachings.  At the end of the program, Jon realized that his entire life led him to this moment when he could receive Jesus’ free gift of salvation.

Jon has applied for Supplemental Security Income and is awaiting its decision.  In the meantime, he is working limited, light-duty jobs for the Clean Team Workforce.  Once he is established in his future, Jon would like to reconnect with his son and daughter and relax near bodies of water fishing.