Transformation Program Graduate – John S.

John S. worked as a traffic controller until he began having seizures. As a result of the seizures, he lost his ability to drive. John also suffers from degenerative disc disease, so he felt he had limited job options. Unable to pay rent and support his family, John came to the Allentown Rescue Mission in hopes of figuring out a new path for his family.

John entered the Transformation Program and devoted himself to taking responsibility for his classwork, daily chores, and his life. He graduated from the program and is working hard on the Clean Team Workforce. With time to reflect on how to help his family and with guidance from Mission staff, John has decided to enroll in forklift training through the Mission’s scholarship program. When he completes the training, he will be able to secure a full-time, well-paying job and start saving money for a house for his family.