Transformation Program Graduate – Idelphonso R.

After losing his job for performance and attendance issues related to insomnia, Idelphonso searched
for a new job, but was unable to find one in time to save his apartment. Idel called local shelters for help
and the Allentown Rescue Mission was there to accept him, so he immediately came to the
Emergency Shelter.

While in the Emergency Shelter, Idel continued to search for work, but didn’t have any better luck than
before, so he decided to join the Transformation Program. He planned to continue his job search and
hoped he would learn new skills along the way to help him succeed in his quest for a job and in life in

“I didn’t know what to expect at first,” Idel admitted, but he soon learned that one of the many things the
program offered was a support system of peers and staff to help each guest’s progress. Idel excelled in
the program. He stood out in class, always helped where needed, and tried his best in everything he

After putting in a lot of work and graduating from the eight-week Transformation Program, Idel started
working for the Clean Team Workforce. “It was such a good decision to join the program,” he stated. He
not only has a job but has developed many new skills and may even decide to enroll in a forklift
certification class.