Transformation Program Graduate – Howard M.

Howard M. worked in landscaping and lived with his cousin before coming to the Allentown Rescue Mission. One day, Howard’s cousin asked him to leave without explaining why. Howard tried to secure housing with other family members, but no one had room for him. This led Howard to call an information line for help, which directed him to the Allentown Rescue Mission.

While in the Mission’s Emergency Shelter, Howard began to hear about a program within the Mission that would help get him back on his feet, back into society, and back in a “positive state of mind.” He inquired about the Transformation Program and decided to join since it was the best solution he found to turn his life around. As Howard worked his way through the program, he learned patience, friendship, sharing, and how to empathize with others while at the same time learning more about God.

Howard now works for the Clean Team Workforce. His goal is to represent the Mission well in his work. He is thankful for the opportunities afforded to him and would like to be a light to shine the teachings he learned to others. Howard believes the Allentown Rescue Mission has shown him a better, more positive system to live his life. He would like to see the Mission expand into other states as it “gives men direction, and this is something that people need to know about!”