Transformation Program Graduate – Greg L.

Things were going well in Greg L’s life until his mother-in-law needed assistance and moved in with Greg and his wife.  Before anyone realized, his mother-in-law’s medical needs consumed all their time, and their marriage took the back seat.  Over time, Greg began to seek fulfillment in alcohol.  He drank to the point of being hospitalized with a bleeding ulcer and damaged esophagus.  At this point, Greg’s wife no longer wanted to continue in the marriage and Greg went to rehab to start his road to recovery.  Greg successfully completed rehab and needed somewhere to stay that would help him start his life again. He chose the Allentown Rescue Mission.

While in the Emergency Shelter, Greg decided to join the Transformation Program with the express intent of bettering himself.  He said that in the past he would try to better himself, but it was always something someone else wanted for him.  He decided that now was the perfect time to do something for himself.  Greg applied himself to the teaching and direction offered in the Transformation Program.  He opened up about his past and what led him to where he was that day.    He discussed his lack of a spiritual life and his commitment to change and successfully completed the program. 

Greg worked in the food service industry for many years and today he is working for the Clean Team Workforce in the Allentown Rescue Mission’s kitchen.