Transformation Program Graduate – Emmanuel Q.

Emmanuel Q. had an altercation with his father in 2021 that resulted in him leaving the home.  For almost three years, Manny lived in a tent on warm days and in various emergency shelters on cold days.  He couldn’t hold a job because he struggled with punctuality.  When he arrived at the Allentown Rescue Mission’s Emergency Shelter, he admitted he needed help to change his life.

When Manny started the Transformation Program, it was obvious he struggled with a structured schedule.  He would show up to classes and work assignments late or not at all.  The staff worked with Manny to identify the problem and hold him accountable for his tardiness.  Midway through the eight-week program, an observable change took place in his attendance.  Manny would not only be on time, but most times he would arrive early.

Today, Manny is employed by the Clean Team Workforce and has been using the same workplace values, such as punctuality, to succeed at work.  In the future, he hopes to serve his country in the United States Marine Corps.