Transformation Program Graduate – Benjamin F.

Ben F. lost his mother when he was twelve years old. His father raised him and his siblings. In his late teens into his twenties, Ben lacked the motivation to be productive. His father eventually kicked him out of the house because he refused to get a job. After being kicked out of the home, Ben lived in his truck for two years. He held various jobs, but this lifestyle took a toll on Ben. Many of his jobs were physical labor jobs and he would often miss meals, sleep poorly, and not take care of himself. After two years, Ben could no longer maintain a job. This is when he reached out to the Allentown Rescue Mission for help.

Ben excelled in the Transformation Program. He was eager to learn and apply the lessons taught in class to his life. He was thankful for the Bible knowledge, the lessons on anger management, and the lessons on interviewing for a job and job retention skills. When looking back on the last few years of his life, Ben realized that his father kicking him out of their home was a blessing in disguise. If that hadn’t happened, he would never have come to the Mission, learned new skills, and accepted Jesus as His Lord and Savior.

Ben is a self-proclaimed “simple person” with “simple plans” for his future. He aspires to hold down a job and gain independence. Ben started working for the Clean Team Workforce and is on a path to achieving his goals.