The Allentown Rescue Mission Strengthens its Curriculum

The Allentown Rescue Mission’s Transformation Program introduced a new course to its curriculum titled “No More Excuses”.  The course follows the teachings of Pastor and Doctor Tony Evans.  It seamlessly aligns with the Transformation Program’s goal to transform homeless men’s lives by teaching life skills and faith-based education.  The class also bolsters support for the men who currently have fewer resources available to them due to COVID-19.

The eight-session course urges the men to stop using their difficult circumstances in life as an excuse for self-defeating decisions and behavior.  Instead, Dr. Evans teaches them that despite setbacks and failures, they can still move forward in a positive direction and become the men God called them to be.

The class encourages group participation and the men enjoy sharing stories that relate to the lessons.  They have also demonstrated personal growth.  One man in the program said the course made him consider how his life took a turn for the worst.  He realized to change he must think before he acts.  Another man revealed he doesn’t want to hide behind the past anymore; he is a new man in Christ.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the Transformation Program taught the Gospel to willing participants, and introduced them to local churches.  Many of the men don’t have a support system outside of the Allentown Rescue Mission, and the churches provided a vital lifeline for them.  Local congregations encouraged the men and showed them love that they may not have experienced before.

David Zinni, Program Coordinator and former program graduate, said, “In 2006, I was blessed to be able to connect to a local church with people who really embraced me like family.  Without the deep well of encouragement that the church provided, I could not have thrived and moved forward in my life.  We are doing are best to provide as much help and support as we possibly can, but we are eager for the day when the men can connect with local churches to give them the full level of care that they truly need.”

The Allentown Rescue Mission hopes that this course will help the men move forward on their path to healing and self-sufficiency, and provide more support in the absence of local church guidance.