Thank You to All of Our Supporters!

As we end the 2019 year, I would like to thank all the wonderful volunteers, donors, sponsors, partners, board members and those who supported the Allentown Rescue Mission. This year so much was achieved and accomplished. We couldn’t have done this without the support and volunteers!

So, how busy was the Allentown Rescue Mission this past year? Below are a few examples of our accomplishments this past year:

·     The Allentown Rescue Mission has provided 24,526 nights of shelter to 964 men throughout the past year with their 123 beds

·     One night in the Emergency Shelter averages at $12.

·     Our kitchen has served 42,912 meals.

·     A single meal costs only $2.65

·     The Transformation Program has had 94 clients join and turn their life to Christ.

·     49 clients have graduated the program and joined the Clean Team.

·     Our Transformation Program has also placed our men in other jobs as well such as CDL drivers.

·     Our chapel has been home to 312 worship services.

·     16 different ministries have come and provided sermons to the men.

·     A total of 5,368 volunteer hours. They have…

·     Helped perform other tasks around the Mission such as painting, sanding, cleaning, etc.

·     Prepared and served 190 make-and-serves in the kitchen

·     Helped with our 2 biggest fundraisers

·     The Allentown Rescue Mission held 2 large fundraisers in the past year in which the community was able to come out and help participate in.

·     Our annual spaghetti dinner and radio thon was held in October and raised around $153,000. With meatballs being sponsored for $10 each that is 15,300 meatballs!

·     Our Thanks for Giving food and supplies drive was held in November 2019 and it brought in 37,491 pounds of food and supplies to fill our pantry for the upcoming year.

·     95 organizations hosted their own outside Thanks for Giving drive.

·     Players of the Stage performed 8 showings of “The Mouse that Roared” in December 2019 and helped raise $12,852.

·     DeSales University has offered free medical services to the clients at the Allentown Rescue Mission

·     The DeSales Health Clinic is staffed by more than 50 volunteer doctors, physician assistants, DeSales’ faculty, and physician assistant students from the community.

·     19 organizations and businesses provided the Allentown Rescue Mission with $172,198 in grants this year.

·     596 Changed Lives Champions donors raised $159,795.

·     The Allentown Rescue Mission earned the highest rating from Impact Matters, being rated 5 stars in the cost-effective category. Based on the analysis of our programs, we were determined as highly cost-effective!

·     And so much more!

·     The Allentown Rescue Mission is run by 28 employees who have a passion for what they do! Some employees have a history with the Allentown Rescue Mission which helps the men going through this tough time.


I am wishing everyone a very Happy and Healthy 2020 year!


The Allentown Rescue Mission is a nonprofit organization that provides homeless men with the life-skills and lessons they need in order to be productive members of the society. The Allentown Rescue Mission is run on donations, grants, sponsors and volunteers. It is because of all of you that we can help these men and give them hope for the future.