Transformation Program Graduate – Roberto A.

Roberto A. had a job, a place of his own, and some money in savings, but the area he was living in was an area with rampant drug dealing and prostitution. Robert admits that his surroundings brought him to the point where, rather than resisting, he gave in to these vices. This then led him into a lifestyle of parties, sex, and drugs and a general mindset of hopelessness as a result. It was at this low point in his life that he remembers God telling him to leave everything behind and follow Him.

After hearing from God, Roberto decided to check himself into the hospital to get the help that he needed. From there, he was taken to Cove Forge Behavioral Health Center. After two months, Roberto completed the rehabilitation program and wanted to focus on his spiritual growth. Roberto had stayed at The Allentown Rescue Mission in the past, so this was the first place that came to mind as far as organizations that could help him grow in his walk with Jesus.

While in the program, Roberto learned more about his faith than he had ever known before. In his own words, Roberto said, “I was hopeless and spiritually dead, but now I’m alive spiritually and mentally. My life now has meaning in God.” From the Transformation Program, Roberto moved on to working with the Clean Team Workforce in the kitchen here at the Allentown Rescue Mission. Once he has saved enough money, Roberto would like to buy a van, convert it into a camper, and move to Florida where he wants to live by the beach and re-establish relationships with his children. He also hopes to one day learn how to scuba dive.