Success Story – Richard S.

Before coming to the Mission back in 2010, Rich worked in construction – primarily concrete pouring and finishing for over 30 years – the physical work had taken a toll on his back & knees, and by 2010 he couldn’t physically continue that line of employment. He had a hard time finding a new career and depleted his savings. With nowhere left to go, Rich came to the Allentown Rescue Mission.

Rich then joined and graduated from our Transformation Program and found transitional employment through the Clean Team Workforce. He has fond memories of working for the Clean Team Workforce at Musikfest and the Allentown Fair.

After his employment with the Clean Team Workforce ended, Rich moved to Delaware to work and be closer to his parents.

In 2013, Rich met Tiffany (pictured on the right), the love of his life, and they’ve been a couple since. When asked how he’s doing since graduation from the Allentown Rescue Mission, Rich says, “Life’s been good”.

The Allentown Rescue Mission was the turning point in Rich’s life. He loves staying in touch with staff who worked with him back in 2010, specifically around the holidays & during the Allentown Fair (which Rich tries to come up and attend annually).’