Success Story – Richard F.

Before Richard F. came to the Allentown Rescue Mission, he was “living a life with no hope in sight.”  He was living in his truck and felt like no one was willing, or available, to help him in his time of desperation.

When Richard arrived at the Mission, he said that the people made him feel “needed and cared about” and understood where he was coming from.  Once in the Transformation Program, he knew that he was on the right track.  Richard said he learned that no matter what we do as Christians, God is always with us, and He shows us a better way if our way fails.

Richard was a freeway sweeper operator in Arizona for 15 years.  Now that he is part of the Clean Team Workforce, Richard does a similar job, on a smaller scale, inside a warehouse, which he enjoys.  According to Richard, his time in the Transformation Program opened his eyes, ears, and mind to many things, specifically to the fact that his son loved to fish with him in the past.  As a result, Richard would like to begin spending time with his son at the fishing hole again.