Success Story – Lee T.

Lee is celebrating new life this Easter! 

Thank you for touching his life with hope.

Lee had always relied on his family for the love and support he needed to navigate life with a developmental disability. He was put on disability at 12 years old, and for the next 25 years he lived with his loved ones, safe and happy.

Then his sister’s boyfriend moved in and everything changed. “He started abusing me, but my sister didn’t say anything about it,” Lee says.

His heart was broken. For two years, he endured physical and emotional abuse, but finally, he couldn’t bear it anymore. He left with nothing but the clothes on his back. “I was living on the streets, feeling so down. It was pitiful,” he says.

After six days in the winter cold, Lee came to our Emergency Shelter, where he found a warm bed, nutritious meals, clean clothing and the unconditional love of our Allentown Rescue Mission staff.

“It felt so good that I didn’t have to be on the streets anymore.”

Lee’s physical needs were met, but he wanted more. He wanted to change his life, so when he learned about our Transformation Program, he decided it was for him.
Through chapel services, Bible studies and Christian guidance, Lee’s faith has grown strong and his broken heart has begun to heal. “Now I know that God is good and I feel great emotionally,” he says.

Through our life skills classes, he’s also learned financial management and other tools that will help him successfully transition to independent living. He graduated from the program and is staying here while he saves money for a place of his own.

Your generous support has filled Lee’s life with love, encouragement and, most of all, hope this Easter season. “Before I came to the Allentown Rescue Mission, my future looked dark. But they made sure I had something to eat, put clothes on my back and helped me get myself together. Now my future looks bright.”

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Lee T.