Success Story – John H.

John H. lived with a friend in Pennsylvania for about a year before they decided to move to Florida. Once there, his friend depleted John’s savings and left him without a place to stay. At that point, John had just enough money to get back to Pennsylvania. Once he returned to Pennsylvania, he went to warming stations in the Lehigh Valley when he could but ultimately ended up living in the woods for a few months. During this time, John said that he became a very angry person and lost hope in the kindness of humanity.

Then John remembered the Allentown Rescue Mission where he had undergone the Transformation Program. John said that it was only at the Allentown Rescue Mission that he ever felt truly loved. He knew he needed another chance to get closer to God and get a handle on the anger he often felt in his life. According to John, he accomplished both of those goals this time around in the Transformation Program. He said he learned a lot about himself, God, hidden anger in his life, and the ability to empathize with others and their anger.

John stated that he does not necessarily have a dream job or any lavish future goals. He would simply like to live a happy life in his hometown of Hellertown, PA. John is hoping to reconnect with his childhood sweetheart at some point because he believes she is truly the love of his life.