Success Story – Christopher A.

Christopher A. found his way to the Allentown Rescue Mission after he was kicked out of his ex-girlfriend’s house.  He admits that while at her house he didn’t get along well with her family and had nowhere else to go.  After arriving at the Emergency Shelter, he decided to give the Transformation Program and Clean Team Workforce a chance.

Chris said that the Transformation Program taught him many things that helped him then and will help him in the future as well.  He learned how to budget his money, how to better control his anger, and discovered more about God.  Chris stated that one of the best things he learned was that God “is the way” and He “can teach you the way to live, if you will accept it.”

While working through a course on anger management in the Transformation Program, the discussion focused on the importance of coping skills.  One of the ways Chris has coped with his anger in the past is through listening to music.  He can be seen around the Mission with an earbud in listening to music even today.  Chris would love to see Daughtry and Evans Blue, two of his favorite bands, in concert.  Additionally, he would like to get his GED and start a family.