Transformation Program Graduate – Brook C.

Brooke C. completed the Transformation Program and worked for the Clean Team Workforce approximately two years ago. He then found an outside job that he did well in and really enjoyed. He worked there for a year and a half until the pandemic forced his employer to close some of its locations and downsize others. Brooke was one of the people that had to be let go.

Since the process had worked for him before, Brooke decided to go back through the Transformation Program and begin working with the Clean Team Workforce again. According to Brooke, he learned more this time in the program classes. Specifically, Brooke liked learning about Noah and the ark in the book of Genesis. Brooke completed the program and is currently working with the Clean Team Workforce, where he hopes to remain until he can accumulate enough money to move to Alabama.

A friend of Brooke’s wants to start a clothing business in Alabama, and he would like to help her get the business started. Eventually, Brooke would like to travel to California. He said he has felt slight earthquake tremors in Pennsylvania but would like to go to California to feel what a stronger earthquake would feel.