Success Story – Benjamin K.

Benjamin K. ended up at the Allentown Rescue Mission mainly because he ran out of money. He had applied for jobs, but could not find employment in time to save his independence. As a result, he came to the Emergency Shelter for help. Once in the shelter, he learned that graduating from the Transformation Program meant that he was eligible for employment on the Clean Team Workforce, so he decided to take advantage of the opportunity.

The Transformation Program offers lessons from the Bible and life skills classes to help rehabilitate men enrolled in the program. Ben was welcomed into the program as a self-proclaimed atheist, as there is no requirement of faith to join. He asked many questions throughout the eight-week period and even though he does not believe in God, he was respectful and open to the lessons taught in the program.

From the beginning of his journey at the Mission, Ben placed a great emphasis on education and would like to save money now that he is working for the Clean Team Workforce to go to college. He is interested in studying abroad and possibly moving overseas in the future.