Recently Awarded Grants

Grants are one of the many ways that the Allentown Rescue Mission has been able to help the homeless for over 100 years. Without the help of all types of Grants the Mission would not be able to focus on what truly is important; following the Word of Jesus Christ through homeless Ministry.

Recently Awarded Grants:

  • Robert P. Kelly Family Foundation Pennsylvania Automotive Association Foundation recieved $2,500
  • Charities Aid Foundation of America on April 3, 2019 received $1,000
  • St. Paul’s United Church of Christ  Endowment Fund on 2/25/2019 received $1,000
  • Jeffrey and Aileen Widdoss Charity Fund on 2/5/2019 received $50,000
  • Emergency Solutions Grant, City of Allentown and U.S. Dept of HUD on 1/25/2019 received  $31,668
  • Water Stone Charitable Fund on 12/27/2018 received $2,500
  • RICAZE Foundation on 7/23/2018 received $2,000 and on 12/24/2018 received $2,000
  • Jerlyn Foundation on 11/30/2018 received $1,500
  • George and Judith Arangio Foundation on 11/27/2018  received $1,250
  • Rider Pool Foundation on 11/21/2018 received $3,000
  • Albert Reed Fund on 11/19/2018 received $1,700
  • Grainger Foundation on 10/11/2018 received $5,000
  • The Century Fund on 10/9/2018 received $61,000
  • Harry C. Trexler Trust on 8/18/2018 received $32,000

Thank you to all of the businesses, individuals and federal departments for their blessings to the Allentown Rescue Mission. Without your help we would not be able to maintain one of the largest homeless shelters in the Lehigh Valley; nor could we continue transforming homeless men into hardworking, respected men of their community.