Our July employee spotlight is Terry, our Food Service Manager

If you have ever donated food to the Allentown Rescue Mission, you may have bumped into Terry. But did you know that Terry has been working at the Mission and helping change lives for over six years? Terry says he works at the Allentown Rescue Mission so he can help men in need, and help them transform and become successful.

Terry does a lot for the men. Not only does he provide three meals a day to the men, but he also helps them with their development. “I teach a ServSafe class to help the men with their skills in the kitchen. These skills could potentially lead them to find work,” says Terry.

Terry says the most rewarding part of his job is when he sees the men get situated back into the community. “Seeing the men get back to normal life is fantastic. They leave with Christ in their hearts and a smile on their face.”

Thank you, Terry, for all of your hard work. By filling the men’s stomachs, you also fill their hearts with love and hope.