Our Employee Spotlight for the Month of May is Development Associate, Sarah

Sarah started at the Allentown Rescue Mission what will be 6 years ago in October. Sarah says “I believe that God has me here for a reason and I’m thankful I have a small part in the work He is doing at the Allentown Rescue Mission.” Sarah has worked in many departments at the Allentown Rescue Mission including; Food Service, Administration, and now the Development Department.

Although Sarah does not work with the men directly, she helps rescue, rehabilitate and restore these men by working with our donors. “My job is more about the donors and how they are the ones that make rescue, rehabilitation and restoration possible in the lives of the men here.”

Sarah has a personal connection with the Allentown Rescue Mission- “My husband is a graduate of the Transformation Program close to 14 years ago. I’m forever grateful that the Allentown Rescue Mission introduced my husband to Jesus Christ. He now works as the Pastoral Care Coordinator and counsels the men through their struggles. I get to see his heart for these men he tries to help.”

Sarah’s advice for you when dealing with homeless men is to be friendly. “Smile and say hello,” says Sarah. “The unexpected could happen to you one day and you would want that same care and compassion.”

Thank you Sarah for all of your hard work in helping rescue our men! To learn more about what we do, visit www.allentownrescuemission.org.