New Tradition at the Allentown Rescue Mission

Manny receives first ever recognition as Clean Team worker of the Month

We would like to congratulate Emanual (Manny) for being the first employee selected as our new tradition of recognizing a Clean Team Worker of the Month.        

                Manny, a Native American from Arizona, entered into the Transformation Program at the Allentown Rescue Mission October 14, 2019 and graduated from the Program on December 9, 2019.  Since his graduation, Manny has been employed with the Allentown Rescue Mission Clean Team.

                Manny has demonstrated all 10 Workplace Values on a daily basis. Manny has showed his persistence and hard work while working at places such as Harry’s U Pull It, RL Reppert Constuction Co, and various off-site jobs with the Clean Team. The work Manny has done has not been easy.  While working at Harry’s, Manny’s job involved heavy lifting of car parts, truck tires, and radiators. Although the work is tough, Manny has never complained about having to do hard work.  Even after an injury to his head while working at Harry’s, Manny reported back to work the following week, prompt and ready to work. 

                Although the type of work Manny does for the Clean Team is not his favorite, he still works every day while having a positive attitude and a humble heart.  Ultimately, Manny would like to have his own business and be his own boss.  He would like to go back to Arizona and help the youth that are in his tribe reservation and give back to them the way they gave to him.

                While interviewing Manny about the tasks that he does and how enjoys the Clean Team, he said he loves getting peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch as it reminds him of growing up. This award was given to Manny on Tuesday, January 28th in the Allentown Rescue Mission chapel by Erik Fuqua, clean team operations manager, and Rosaria Stoops, development manager. Along with his certificate, Manny received all the necessary items to make his favorite meal whenever he would like.

                We would like to congratulate Manny on all of his hard work and his accomplishments! He has truly set an example for all the men working on the Clean Team through his determination and effort! He is a true example of an Allentown Rescue Mission Clean Team employee.

Manny clean team.jpg