Monthly Clean Team Worker Spotlight- Cornelio

The Clean Team and the Allentown Rescue Mission would like to congratulate Cornelio R., for being their Worker of the Month for March.

Cornelio was living in Puerto Rico for approximately 11 years and left to come back to the states right before Hurricane Irma hit 2 years ago. He was recently living with his girlfriend in Philadelphia, but when his relationship with her deteriorated his daughter, who is from Allentown, picked him up and brought him to Allentown to stay with her. He only stayed a short time with his daughter, and then came to the Allentown Rescue Mission.

While in the Transformation Program, Cornelio was always going the extra mile. For our Thanks for Giving drive, Cornelio even helped unpack trucks of food and sorted the supplies. Through all of his tasks, he followed all instructions given to him and obeyed the Transformation Program’s rules. Cornelio was always on time for classes and did his work. He graduated from the program on December 6, 2019.

Cornelio has worked many types of offsite jobs with the Clean Team:  construction, demolition, relocation, cleanouts, landscaping, and trash collection. He is currently working for R.L. Reppert Construction at Lehigh University where they are building new student dormitories.

Cornelio demonstrates all 10 Workplace Values on a daily basis, but the one value that really sticks out with Cornelio is that he is ready to work. He has never been late or absent. When he comes down for breakfast, he is always wearing his work uniform, and he is ready to go. 

Cornelio is 68 years old and retired but would like to continue working, at least part time, to keep busy. With the help of his daughter, he is now actively looking for a place to live. As long as he is willing to work, The Clean Team has a place for Cornelio.  Thanks for your dedication!

Cornelio - Worker of the Month.jpg