Meet the Billboard Men for the Month of May

They all ended up at the Allentown Rescue Mission in different ways

The Allentown Rescue Mission started their “I AM” billboard campaign which can be seen around the Lehigh Valley displaying some of their graduates, partners, volunteers, and the Clean Team. Each one of the billboards telling their own “I AM” story.

                “I AM” is a slogan used by the Allentown Rescue Mission to show that we are all a part of something. The billboards are a way to have our featured people say “I AM the Allentown Rescue Mission.”

                Mike Mauro, Clean Team/ Facilities manager, had his first encounter with a homeless man and he never thought that after that, he would have started working at the Allentown Rescue Mission. Mike helped that gentleman in Reading one night, and now he helps other homeless men daily.

                Curtis and Mike are two members of the Clean Team that through counseling and life-sustaining classes, were able to find a way to change and are on their way to rehabilitation in their community.

                Before Peter’s time at the Allentown Rescue Mission, he did not realize all that happens behind the scenes. Peter says that through volunteering he has learned a few things about what the Allentown Rescue Mission does.

                While driving around Allentown, you will be able to put a face to these men and their stories when you see their billboards. The Allentown Rescue Mission billboards can be found on:

  • Both sides of the billboard post on Tilghman St. by Werley Rd.
  • Hamilton St. by Elmo St.
  • Hamilton St. by Front St.
  • 15th St. by Sumner Ave.
  • 15th St. by Elm St.
  • Both sides of the billboard post on Buckeye Rd. by Tank Farm Rd.
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. by 15th St.
  • S. 3rd St. by Union St.

          The Allentown Rescue Mission has been helping rescue, rehabilitate, and restore men to their community. Not only does the Mission change the lives of the men that come and stay, but it also changes the lives of their employees and volunteers. These men were chosen for the Allentown Rescue Mission billboards because they truly represent the Allentown Rescue Mission, and the work they do in order to rescue, rehabilitate, and restore men into the community.