John and Jackie’s Story

John Mohr has been volunteering and supporting the Allentown Rescue Mission since he moved back to the Lehigh Valley in 2016. John, along with his wife Jackie, volunteer at various Allentown Rescue Mission events, and they are highly involved in the design of digital marketing initiatives at the Allentown Rescue Mission.

Growing up, John had the opportunity to witness firsthand how quickly one decision could change someone’s life. “It doesn’t take much for a small spark to cause a massive inferno of hopelessness,” he said, “It truly can happen to anyone.” Members of John’s family had experienced homelessness, and he recalls waiting in lines at local churches for food and clothing.

One memory John shared was a story of he and his brother waiting to celebrate a holiday together. “When I was 7, we waited in downtown Allentown for a special dinner. I don’t recall the exact location, but I remember it was across the bridge near the Allentown Rescue Mission. We were waiting in super cold weather for a Christmas dinner and a special present. The dinner was great, but the gift, a Larry Bird basketball, was truly the highlight. When I received my gift, I lit up with excitement. I played with that basketball for years. That day was something extraordinary, and that is what I remember every time I give. When I donate or volunteer, I do it hoping I can put that same kind of smile on someone else’s face.”

John enjoys supporting the Allentown Rescue Mission’s events like the Spaghetti Dinner and Thanks for Giving fundraiser. He also likes to help find creative ways to use his digital media skills to share the story of the Allentown Rescue Mission and the men who stay there.

John helps the Allentown Rescue Mission manage their website and e-newsletter. John goes above and beyond to ensure the posted stories reflect the work that the Allentown Rescue Mission does to provide rescue and rehabilitation for their men. John and Jackie Mohr plan to support the Allentown Rescue Mission for years to come, and they hope they can inspire other Lehigh Valley natives to help as well.