If I Don’t Who Will?

I was born in Allentown in 1978.  After graduating from high school I moved to Pittsburgh to attend college.  Fast forward to 2014.  After two decades living in Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, and Portland, OR, my wife mentioned that she was offered her dream job, and that it was in Allentown, PA.

                I had no idea the Allentown Rescue Mission existed, let alone since 1900.  As a physician my wife was made aware of the Mission and the good work they do.  We decided that we would become monthly donors.  About one year later I decided that I would volunteer some of my free time at the Mission.

                My one-year anniversary as a volunteer is just a few months away.  I help the men at the Mission construct resumes as well as aid them in their endeavors to find employment.  I help the various departments with jobs for which I have some expertise, or for which there just aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish.

                It seems like every week I volunteer a few more hours.  I am now here 3 days per week, and I am constantly amazed by the work the Mission does.  Even more amazing are the volunteers and donors, without whose support there would not be a Mission.  Donations come in many forms, including money, food, clothing, and time.

                I hope you will join me as both a donor and a volunteer.  There are so many ways to help, and nothing that you can do is insignificant.  You can contact Rosaria at (610) 740-5500, ext. 348.  You’ll be amazed by the ways you can help the Mission.

                If you won’t help the Mission, who will?