Thanks to you… Henry has Hope this Christmas!

Henry was a hardworking, self-reliant man with a nice home and a steady, well-paying job. Then he fell for the wrong woman and his life spun out of control. “She was using drugs and offered me some. I tried them so she’d like me,” he says. “But I quickly fell into the trap of addiction and messed up my life.”

Over time, Henry developed drug-induced psychosis, and while hallucinating, committed a crime that landed him in jail. But God used his incarceration for good. “I turned my life around,” Henry says.

After he was released, he stayed clean, but he continued struggling with mental illness. “Eventually, I couldn’t hold down a job because of it.”

When all his savings were gone, Henry was facing homelessness. Then he remembered a sign outside the Allentown Rescue Mission. It said “God is love.” Those words spoke to his heart, so he entered our Transformation Program.

Through devotions, prayer, Bible studies and church attendance, Henry’s faith has grown strong. “Now I seek God’s will before every step I take and it’s helping me become a better person.”

“Jesus Christ is at the center of my life now.” 

With the help of doctors, therapists and medication, Henry’s mental health has been improving as well. “Everything is going great. I’m happy with my progress.”

He’s now attending life-skills classes that are preparing him to stay free from addiction and make a successful transition to independent living. Soon, he’ll be ready to join our Clean Team Workforce, and when he’s saved enough money, Henry will move into a place of his own, find work and continue growing in his faith. “The Allentown Rescue Mission has given me the tools and resources I need to become a productive citizen again.”

Henry has hope this Christmas season – and he wants to thank YOU for supporting his journey toward a new life. “I was about to become homeless, but the Allentown Rescue Mission rescued me and gave me hope.”

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