Help Us Fill Our Calendar Serve the Homeless at the Allentown Rescue Mission

The Allentown Rescue Mission has been supporting our area’s homeless since 1900.  We don’t know how many meals we have served in the 12 decades we have been open, but here are some facts about what we do every day:

1)      We serve 150 people every day

2)      1 meal costs the Mission $2.37

The Mission serves meals every day, and because of the generous support of our donors we will never stop.  However, as a donor you have other options than just monetary donations for providing food.  You can provide meals directly to the homeless through our Make & Serve program.  Here is how it works:


1)      You provide a hot meal to serve the residents of the Allentown Rescue Mission


Here are a few facts:


1)      Since January 1, 2019 donors have made and served 85 meals at the Allentown Rescue Mission

2)      There are many September dates available for September Make & Serve meals: (9/02 through 9/07; 9/9 & 9/10; 9/12 through 9/20; 9/22 through 9/30)


If you are interested in our Make & Serve program, please contact Terry Miklas at