Employee Spotlight, Nick

This June our Employee Spotlight shines bright on Nick, our Emergency Shelter Coordinator. He’s been with us since August of last year and continually goes above and beyond the call of duty.  He was inspired to work in our shelter after graduating from the Transformation Program.

“I was rescued and eventually came to salvation by Jesus Christ thanks to the Allentown Rescue Mission and the Transformation Program. I needed their help twice and I was welcomed with opened arms.” States, Nick. Grateful for his second chance at redemption, Nick sought to work in the Clean Team Workforce and then the shelter. As Nick puts it, he “wanted to give back to others in need instead of working at another warehouse.”

Working in the Emergency Shelter allows Nick to interact with the men that come through our doors. He listens to their problems, helps connect them with outside agencies, and helps the men through the challenges of the Transformation Program. He wants to make sure that the men make the most of their stay with us, find work, save money, and find stable housing.

For Nick, the most rewarding part of his job is hearing the men’s success stories, watching them grow closer to Christ, and seeing how men rebuild their lives after completing our programs. He asks everyone to not judge homeless people based on their appearance. “Many of the men have mental illnesses, and/or are veterans suffering from PTSD. Regardless of the reason for their homelessness, they all need a chance at real help, housing, and care to turn their lives around.” Says Nick.

We agree and work hard to give every man that comes through our door the tools they need to succeed. Keep up the great work, Nick!