Employee Spotlight, Michael S.

Meet Michael S. He’s one of our Emergency Shelter employees and works directly with the men. He helps them adapt to the shelter, and helps them understand the changes they need to make to get their lives back in order. He started working at the Allentown Rescue Mission over a year ago because he wanted a career that would allow him to serve the less fortunate. And for him, working at a homeless shelter was particularly meaningful.

His own mom was homeless for a brief period of time, and he himself had to couch-surf when he lost his apartment. Mike knows it’s surprisingly easy for a person to suddenly find themselves without a home, so he tries to be empathetic to all of the different circumstances that bring men to our shelter. He likes to cheer up the men, inspire them, and remind of the word of God. He wants everyone to be more aware of their homeless neighbors and to not be so judgmental towards them. “When you see a homeless person on the street, talk to them, see what brought them to where they are. Offer encouraging words as well as some food. The most important thing you can do is show them that someone cares”, advises Mike.

Thank you Michael for your hard work, and thank you for giving so many homeless men a second chance.