Employee Spotlight, Kara

This month we want to highlight Kara. Kara is the Clean Team Workforce Operations Manager and has been with us for over two months, yet her impact is undeniable. As the Operations Manager, Kara teaches the homeless men in our care the work skills they need to get back into the workforce.

Kara commented, “It’s my passion and purpose to help others in any way I can. To be able to have a part in the transformation of these men humbles my heart.” Kara starts off the day by showing the men that each morning brings about the Grace of God. She also demonstrates how goodwill, compassion, and kindness can help turn one’s life around.

For Kara,  the most rewarding part of her job is watching the men turn their lives around and witness them gain their independence back. So she works closely with them to ensure they succeed, “I believe it’s important to work closely with the Transformation Team Leaders to make sure the men stay on  a positive and successful path.”

Her advice for interacting with the homeless is the same she gives to everyone, “love your neighbor as you love yourself. Be kind and show love, always show people love.”

Thank you for the inspiring words, Kara, and thank you for doing great work. There’s no doubt you’ll help countless homeless men turn their lives around.