David and Kay Have Lived in Allentown for Many Years

David and Kay have lived in Allentown for many years. Until recently they were only vaguely familiar with the Allentown Rescue Mission, and its work. They recently relocated to center city, and just as when they lived in the west end, they took their daily walks, though now they walked on Hamilton Street. While walking one morning they had a chance encounter with members of the Clean Team. David and Kay said it best: “through personal tenacity, God’s Grace, complimented by incredible support, these men had reclaimed their dignity. They were independent and self-sufficient employees of the Clean Team.” Meeting members of the Clean Team had a profound effect on David and Kay. They have provided hot lunches to guests and staff at the Mission, as well as gotten their congregation at the Jordan Lutheran Church involved with sponsoring a beverage and dessert campaign for our upcoming Spaghetti Dinner Benefit. We can’t thank them enough for their support. Thanks David and Kay!