Clean Team Workforce Employee of the Month for November

The Clean Team Workforce congratulates Angelo V. for being selected as the November Employee of the Month and for being hired full-time by Longeran Pump Systems, a local designer and manufacturer of natural gas and fuel oil systems for boilers and emergency generators.

Angelo suffered from severe depression after losing his relationship with his girlfriend and his daughter.  His girlfriend decided to leave him and moved to Texas with their three-year-old daughter.  Angelo became paralyzed by his depression.  He lost all motivation to work and remembered not wanting to do anything with his life.  He then made a series of bad decisions, including hanging out with the wrong people and using drugs to mask the pain, which landed him in and out of jail.  Eventually, Angelo knew that he needed and wanted to change his life.

Angelo arrived at the Allentown Rescue Mission for the first time in April of 2021.  He joined the Transformation Program to help him carve out a new path for his life.  He graduated in July and worked as a paid Clean Team Workforce employee as a kitchen assistant for the Mission.  He was able to save money and move out, but after a few months of living on his own, Angelo fell back into his old habits and ended up quitting the Clean Team Workforce and losing his apartment.

After almost a year of living back on the streets, Angelo returned to the Mission for help again.  He knew he squandered a great opportunity during his last stay and didn’t want to make the same mistake this time.  So, Angelo entered the Transformation Program for a second time and graduated in August 2023.  He began working for the Clean Team Workforce and landed an assignment working at Longeran Pump Systems.  Angelo has worked very hard, and as a result, has been offered a full-time permanent position as a fabrication apprentice at the company.  “He is a quick learner.  He picked it up faster than I did,” Jason Lonergan playfully stated.  “He has worked out great.”

Angelo has made the most of his second chance and has the opportunity to make a good salary and become independent once again.  His wish for the future is to keep his life on track and reconnect with his daughter.  The Allentown Rescue Mission wishes Angelo all the best with his new job and new life.