Clean Team Workforce Employee of the Month – Peter S.

The Allentown Rescue Mission announced its Clean Team Workforce employee of the Month for December, Peter S.

A police officer saw Peter walking along a highway.  When the officer approached him, Peter told him he was homeless and out of options.  The officer brought him to the Allentown Rescue Mission to receive food, shelter, and other needed help. 

Peter realized he needed guidance to create a better life for himself so he joined the Transformation Program.  While in the program, Peter received life coaching and recognized that one of the most significant contributors to his homelessness and joblessness was his social anxiety.  And with the help of the Transformation Program staff, Peter learned about his disorder and ways to overcome it.  He successfully completed the Transformation Program and was able to start working for the Clean Team Workforce with his newly found skills.

Even though Peter had never been employed before, he jumped at the opportunity to start his career.  He currently works at the Bethlehem Landfill and has performed his job very well.  In addition to working at the Landfill, Peter has taken on the responsibility of driving the Clean Team Workforce Landfill employees to work.  He makes sure the men are on time and ready to work.

Peter has been offered a permanent position at the Bethlehem Landfill and plans on accepting the job.  He is now in the process of finding affordable housing so he can move out of the Allentown Rescue Mission and gain his independence.

Thank you, Peter, for proving it’s never too late to overcome obstacles and change your life for the better.