Clean Team Workforce Employee of the Month – Mark H.

The Allentown Rescue Mission announced its Clean Team Workforce employee of the month for August, Mark H.

Mark lived in Brooklyn and commuted to work in Manhattan. He had a good job as a Manager at Staples. Unfortunately, Staples downsized before a leveraged buyout, leaving Mark unemployed. Mark decided to move to Pennsylvania to live with his sister while looking for a job. But due to unforeseen circumstances, his sister ended up selling her home and moving away. Mark needed somewhere to stay, so he came to the Allentown Rescue Mission.

Mark arrived at the Emergency Shelter and joined the Transformation Program. While in the Transformation Program, Mark developed into a model client. He cared about the program, followed instructions, and helped others any way he could.

After completing the Transformation Program, Mark joined the Clean Team Workforce and demonstrated a strong work ethic. Mark enjoys working hard and being productive.  He also has a desire to succeed and to see his peers succeed as well.

Mark’s main assignment has been working on the golf course at Saucon Valley Country Club throughout the week. But he never hesitates to pick up a Saturday shift if a fellow Clean Team Workforce employee is unavailable. When Mark isn’t working, he volunteers to clean company vehicles and furniture and organize storage spaces.

Mark’s plans for the future include continuing his education and securing a management position once again.

The Allentown Rescue Mission would like to than Mark for his hard work and dedication to the Clean Team Workforce and his fellow employees. You have what it takes to succeed!